Saturday, April 05, 2003

When Melbourne turns on a beautiful Saturday like this, it's no time for bloggin. This cloud bursting game (via b3ta) reflects the spirit of the blue skies bounty. So Boynton was out walking with a friend, soaking up the sunshine, before Doug - that's Derg - bounded down into the river and couldn't climb out. So Boynton managed eventually to haul him out and roll him back up the cliff, muddying clothes and mood temporarily. She would now gratuitously link to the song "My Brown Yarra" were such a link to be found.

Friday, April 04, 2003

a little bit of seabiscuit searching/dunking resulted in finding this Shirley Temple Concentration. Boynton confesses she found it difficult - perhaps it was her recent scrambled state of mind. Which is why she didn't even go near the Scramble or Solve Puzzle. The disintegration of the happy picture was just too resonant with something to handle, or even attempt to restore
Boynton has been gratified by the support shown in regard to the strange mirror/clone/class clown/blogger bug incident of April 1st. Thank you.
(She's thinking of adding a new damsel-in-distress line to the range, with the one word plaintive appeal to the blogosphere). Next step would appear to be to email Blogger - although that has a touch of the email-the-big-chief-in-the-sky-and-expect-a-reply about it. Another disturbing incident: a recent visitor from Greece came to boynton via the google search: tiger lillies download Over you...As if the blog is generating her fate!...Of course a French aol search for Cat woman also directs vistors here first... Mais oui, bien sur - we can run with that!

Thursday, April 03, 2003

HaloScan and Sitemeter both being down (and lost) and slowing us up impossibly, a bit of non-linkage canine tale is possibly our best bet today anyway.
Yesterday, on the impulse, over at Nora’s, boynton decided to walk down to the small sleepy shopping strip and do the hair deed there in the semi-cool salon that sits on the corner. So having the procedure formerly known as “trim” and now spoken of as a “clean it up” and with no one in the salon or indeed the streets outside, boynton endowed hairdresser as confessor. But instead of recent tribulations, we talked dog. Such salon small talk is boynton’s ideal. He told of how his red heeler has only now, after x many years, accepted his wife without undue jealousy. Boytnon replied that luckily she had never had this problem with her gentleman callers (or perhaps this is unluckily) There were however, certain men he was “funny” with. “They always know” he said. Possible new method, Doug as heart divining-dog or “canary”… He also told me a wonderful thing. Not long ago while walking dogs, boynton had seen two stray dogs, but heading towards main roads she had to yell at them to stay (she acted aggressive). They appealed desperately, pathetically but there was nothing to do...Turns out the hairdresser found them, put them in the pound, found a bottle of wine on his doorstep the next day from the overjoyed owner who lived a fair way (and high way) away. That’s the sort of man you want to “clean up” your hair.
After this took Doug to vet for his annual booster. Approaching 14 everything now is assessed as practical or not in terms of mortality. Is it worth getting his booster, his new registration etc. The vet gave him a “clean bill of health” (let clean = $84)
I’d be expecting at least another year out of him. Boynton laughs casually and puts on this pragmatic detached hat as the only possible one to wear in the circumstances.
This was followed by a late emergency run to another vet last night. Delicacy etc prevents her from going into details here, suffice to say a tablet was put into his eye to induce vomiting. It seems to have half worked, and we’re standing by. (possibly literally over the next few days!) Of course on top of the refuse pile was his freshly administered expensive worm tablet from earlier vet visit… The vet was English and called him “Derg” and recommended “courgettes" for another disgusting habit of his.
“Oh Derg, Derg” she said as she stroked him “You’re a silly lump” “Yes he is” boynton replied, “A stupid stupid lump”… (which is why of course she lervs him)

Wednesday, April 02, 2003

(American) Races on the radio (via The Writing Life - with links and personal context)
Fascinating to hear the cultural differences in race-calling., although perhaps this has as much to do with the vintage as the nationality.
Boynton tried to find a local equivalent, and while this site seems to have audio files, it may be for connections faster than boynton’s. (The one to hear is Bill Collins’ call of the 1986 Cox Plate.)
Of course, you say Seabiscuit we say Phar Lap.
The greatest-horse-ever race stakes discussed here and here
Shirely Temple in The story of Seabiscuit 1949. (" Pretty average film, but Temple is good...(and) has a mysteriously inconsistent brogue)

Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Help! What do you do when someone pinches your blog? And your blogroll? And your comments? Not an april one joke we fear.
Top April fool's Day hoaxes (via J Walk)

The wonderful Kodak girl site - photos, ads, posters ephemera. (via Quiddity 29/3)
Boynton particularly loves the extensive snapshot collection, leading through to the “annotated snapshots” group…In a few cases, someone has jotted down a tantalizing tidbit on the back, piquing our imagination Not wishing to jump the frame here and link directly, this is an example of one such caption: I think this one looks just like you
Boynton has often seen the British film The Way We Live screening in the wee ABC hours, and was delighted to find this illustrated summary amongst many wonders on Steve Johnson’s cyber-heritage site. (via Speckled Paint). One of the stills is boynton’s own favourite, that she once planned to employ on a web site ( her own futuristic plan). It is from the film’s triumphal march of the banner-carrying Plymouth youth. Less Monotony Please. Good motto for a blog.

Monday, March 31, 2003

obs on snobs. Gummo Trotsky's first Snob of the Week, and a review of Snobbery the American Version at A Sunny Place For Shady People.
Readers of this blog and others that use Haloscan may have noticed the wipe out yesterday. The white screen of Mute. Boynton's head sort of matched so it didn't worry her excessively. A blogging sabbath was enforced. The word from Haloscan is High Traffic because of a couple war and politics-related weblogs that use our commenting system that have skyrocketed in traffic because of the war. This is slightly less unsettling than the previous explanation of last month: we started getting massive packet loss suddenly. (If we don't buy it, guess it's because we don't buy it)
For those of us who have yet to assimilate that techno speak into ordinary jargon, a sudden massive packet loss sounds intriguing. (If it has taken minutes for this page to load, boynton suggests you visit the following links prudently) Technically, packet loss may be indeed be this, but boynton still expects to read about a maritime disaster. And as for Ping - this is only reading of Ping that is imprinted on boynton's brain. And finally this graph is supposed to illustrate human perception of packet loss, but this response seems much more realistic.