Saturday, November 16, 2002

Finding things by chance is the essential lure. I can't remember the exact pathway to Clues but working backwards, it was from here.

Friday, November 15, 2002

Meant to post the falling teds last week. (via everywhere). Many more gems there.
"There is an irony in mobile status games. The highest status comes from not having a mobile at all - or rather having one, probably several, and having someone else carry and answer them for you. Privilege is all about anachronisms"
from a Guardian special report . (found here via mcb)
Guess Boynton has to take heart from this accidental honour gained from having not yet subscribed. While she occasionally suffers txt envy, the environmental cost of this dialect, the bleak, bald, sad shorthand. Drab shrinktalk seems too heavy. (More here)

Thursday, November 14, 2002

Boynton was recently given a gift book a little book, or a tiny-coffee-table book, which is in keeping with the general scale of Boynton's house, containing words and paintings on women. So here's a little Katharine Hepburn. one goes through life one learns that if you don't paddle your own canoe, you don't move.
"a chilling tale of yet another terrorist nightmare" Kerry O'Brien's interview with Prof Alex Bobik (survivor of the Moscow theatre siege) on the 7.30 report last night was one of those compelling TV moments, with the mix of detatched detail and personal response, the inherent power of a grim survivor story.

While Boynton and dogs were crossing the Yarra yesterday we met a long crocodile line of schoolkids. One boy held a large cyprus branch. His teacher limply yelled:
"Put-the-tree-back-in-the-park-please!" several times before the kid dropped it over the bridge. Boynton would have added: "Put-the-tree-back-in-the tree-please!". We've often noticed boys bashing up trees in parks. Que?
Heavy link of the day. Just your average Summer reading list , Boynton would have thought.
Light link. See yourself in Lego. (via bluejoh)
Boynton went out last night and left keys in front door and windows open. Everything seems ok. This does not mean there was no unforced entry happening. The burglars may well have come in and had a good look round.Then moved on.
So the English call them pound shops. So much better than our "$2 shops"...More associations. The impounded goods therein will soon be transferred to a domestic rubbish depot (my lounge-room). Etc. This is a footnote to Mark's post with a nice net metaphor. When Boynton studied this area, the memex legacy was still going strong, and this is a variation: blogging as collective memory.

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Went back to Waypath and found a good site. The scary thing is that Boynton had only just read an article that features here, and was intending to link shortly. Makes you wonder if the customised spider has extra-sensory powers.
The article is An Animal's place by Michael Pollan (via Aldaily)

The disappearance of animals from our lives has opened a space in which there's no reality check, either on the sentiment or the brutality
Mcb (aka Grumpy girl) and Mark are currently conversing on women and technology. Boynton is a recovering techno-phobe, and notes that every hard disk melt-down is one degree less frightening. She wishes she could add to the dialogue, but for now will just point to an excellent image gallery.
Perhaps Boynton has broken the blogging rules but the following post was held over for technical reasons. Blogger didn't seem to like something, so by a process of elimination we sorted it and trust there will be no yellow triangular excited error message today.

Boynton just checked out the Waypath project (via Anil's links) - weblog linking (or a variation of ego-surfing?). Using a custom spider, they analyse recent entries "and present you with its best guess as to what's related to your original input" The spider presented Boynton with some rather strange flies. After several hours of researching, Boynton found a couple of good links, if not good "matches"
The Jean-paul Satre Cookbook (via Redwood Dragon) and all about the 404 (via The Prandial Post).
This is Boynton's preferred 404

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Local pennant epistomology last night. Boynton regrets she can't share her images here. She will however endeavour to share her symbols. This is an early portrait of Boynton's team. We set out confident. All our bases are cover. Alas as the night progresses, some gaps in our spermology emerge, but we usually finish in a respectable position.
nb. Had to update team photo for technical reasons, and Boynton regrets that Ross, our team chap, is just out of shot here

Monday, November 11, 2002

Hours of fun Boynton just found a wonderful retro site Ephemera now (via Pop Cult Mag via Lindsay Marshall) . David Hall is a lifelong collector and scanner extraordinaire of "vintage ads", and confesses that when as a kid he found "a 1956 issue of Life magazine at my grandmother's house. It was like the Rosetta Stone–it had the answer to something, but I wasn't sure what the question was. I was mesmerized by it–the smell of the pages, the tailfins on the cars, the people in the funny clothes. Then when I was around 12 years old I came across some old National Geographics from the 1950s. The articles ("Colorado by Car and Campfire") didn't do much for me, but the ads were fantastic." He read them for hours. So did Boynton.

An example. Beware an Olson armed with cup and saucer.

Sunday, November 10, 2002

As Boynton watched the latest local incarnation of the TV election debate show the other night, she couldn't help reflect on the lost art of oratory. At one curious stage it was more quiz show than TV debate, with the moderater/quizmaster firing off a series of fastmoney questions to each contestant, the panel of journos suddenly resembling the legendary Tattslotto referees. Wonder what conventions from other TV genres will be appropriated as the format devolves?
24ever was so good we searched for more. Any love story that features K9 is ok by Boynton