Monday, June 09, 2003

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Sunday, June 08, 2003

Strangely, if we ever make the almost mandatory migratory move over the waters to MT, we may need to have a whole category devoted to Croquet. Following the postings on her family's early croaky history, beer and croquet, the possible hidden subtext of the sport, and a link to an early Championess, boynton happened upon yet another strange take. Once again there is something reminiscent here of the croquet etiquette observed by the boynton family. (via Planetary Delights - by way of bells and whistles)

Saturday, June 07, 2003

boynton's been having just your average psycho arvo with the old cryptic coding mysteries. The oblique will be straightened out anon. The pieces put together
(Hitchcock mosaics via the amazing Fiendish is the word)

Friday, June 06, 2003

It was probably only ever me who considered Richmond Hill Cellars the key to Richmond's soul. Interesting angle on inner-city gentrification in today's Age.
(Although a long term resident of nearly Richmond, boynton wouldn't know which class of regular she falls into here: We stocked cheap sherry for the daytime lushes and diabetic beer for the sick. Bargain wine drew local intellectuals, failed novelists, alcoholics, students, people tottering home from a long afternoon at the TAB, workers off to cook dinner. )
While one can possibly audit the soul of a suburb by the drunks and tipplers, these relics and regulars, it is sobering to note "we would regularly lose folk to cirrhosis" Boynton remembers reading Janet McCalman's Struggletown - an oral history of a working class Melbourne suburb. The effect of alcohol was looked at historically, first hand, without sentiment, and the dreaded temperance movement was seen as progressive for some in breaking the poverty cycle and vastly improving the quality of life for born and bred old time Richmond residents. But boynton generally concurs with the observations of the suburb's transformation. In her own street, which borders struggletown, only one or two old timers are left now. (Maybe boynton herself is regarded as an old timer by proxy) Most have either died or moved out to the suburbs, but like the residents of this house in Sydney, they often used to stand in their front gardens, watching the street, ready to engage in passing conversation. This is one of the cultural differences boynton has noted in the temporary move up the road to fenced, quiet detached houses.( And to confess, boynton is still enjoying the novel sense of privacy and anonymity to be had behind a big wooden fence)

Thursday, June 05, 2003

boynton was feeling unusually lighthearted today as she stepped out with her pack, who chorus their crazy excitement half way down the echo chamber of this sedate street. In the close ethological observation of domestic dog school, boynton endorses the theory of emotion travelling down the leash. The leash is the link between you and your dog. Dogs can feel the vibrations you send through the leash. They did seem to pick up on the joy of boynton, adding an extra gleam in their running eye, an extra lilt in their team-building song. Good Vibrations.
boynton loves this description of a themed treasure hunt, both for the content and the form - hypertext complements the spatial event. When she first started playing pub trivia, she suspected there could some theatrical hybrid of the genre waiting in the wings. Perhaps this sort of promenade puzzling is a clue to other forms. Both for travellin' trivia and narrative/themed hyperdrama?

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

somewhere deep within boroondara last night boynton ran into an old theatre friend. She asked after boynton's writing, but alas. Boynton could not take herself seriously in this regard as she was still wearing her parka. Even though she was trying to recover this inner state, she was really only projecting this.And instead of wearing these sort of shoes, she was caught wearing these. Somewhere along the line, dog walking style seems to have merged with house style. So she launched into a strange monologue about boroondara and blogging. As you do in a parka.

Poetry and the Politics of Self-Expression (via The Writing Life)
With the advent of the Internet and inexpensive publishing programs, writing poetry has been thoroughly democratized…In short, anyone who wants to be published can. Still, many fail to muster the minimal effort this requires. One should, I suppose, never underestimate the power of indolence.

"Can literature change the world? Or should it be above the concerns of society? Philip Pullman argues that while writers have wider duties, they must be faithful servants of their stories" (via Interconnected)
How to Become A Writer (via Pop Culture Junk Mail)

A gallery of parkas

If this sink the bachelor game seems too bittery twistery, you can always play this old game. (via Pop Culture Junk Mail)